How to make a bug

Bug making guide for Coldham's Common activity

Coldham's Common is a 49.3 hectare Local Nature Reserve in Cambridge. It is owned and managed by Cambridge City Council. This site has areas of unimproved grassland, which have anthills of yellow meadow ants. There is also scrub and woodland.  In these areas we've seen as many as eight different butterflies on one day and four different spiders and three different kinds of beetles, so well worth a look around the area to see what you can find to inspire making your own bug to take home or put in one of our geocaching tox boxes on Coldham's Common.

Making you bug


  • Bottle top
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Glue dots 
  • Googly eyes


  • Put a sticky dot on the bottle top. 
  • Stick on the butterfly wings
  • Fold your pipe cleaner in half and then twist it in the middle
  • Using your glue dots stick on the googly eyes
  • Now decorate your wings


  • Roll up some paper
  • Cut a pipe cleaner in half
  • Using the glue dots stick on your googly eyes
  • Put the pipe cleaner inside the rolled up paper
  • Put a glue dot on the rolled up paper
  • Stick your shell on top


  • Using your glue dots stick your pipe cleaner to bottle top to make the spiders legs (you need 4!)
  • Using the glue dots stick your googly eyes on the bottle top
  • To make your spider web twist two pipe cleaners together
  • Take another pipe cleaner and join up your pipe cleaners 


How to make a bug


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