How To Make A Kite

To make a kite, you just need to collect few materials and follow these simple instructions below:


MATERIALS= thin plastic tablecloth (or other plastic sheet fabric), strong kite string, two wooden skewers (with sharp end cup off)

TOOLS: Scissors, sticky tape, marker pen


ASSEMBLY= Draw a shape onto your plastic table cloth and cut out the shape (or free hand cut if you prefer). Attach one skewers from the top to bottom of the kite, and the other from the left to right of the kite. Then make two holes for your kite string to go through with your, thread the string through the holes, make a loop and tie securely. Finally add another piece of kite string to the loop of string, to hold onto and then your kite is ready to fly!

Back of kite- skewers attached to back with sticky tape

Front of kite- string looped and tied to create handle for main string of kite to be held

How To Make A Kite


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