How to make a mini Bug Hotel

A Bug Hotel can be home to many insects from solitary bees to bumblebees and ladybirds to woodlice.


Many pollinators are solitary insects like butterflies, moths, ladybugs and solitary bees. These insects need to find a warm, dry space to build their nests and to hibernate over the winter.  As natural habitats are destroyed, bee and insect numbers are dropping around the world - making a Bug Hotel can help. 

You will need:

  • Dry leaves, sticks or straw (for ladybirds and other beetles and bugs). 
  • Corrugated cardboard (for lacewings). 
  • Hollowed out sticks and twigs (for solitary bees). 
  • A container - such as a plastic bottle, carton, drain-pipe or flower pot.
  • Scissors and secateurs 
  • String

Cut the container to length.
Bundle together twigs, roll up cardboard and paper, and tie up with string.

Fill the container with the bundles, leaves, twigs and sticks.

Find a spot to put your Bug Hotel. 

It is best against a flat surface and in an area protected from high winds.

How to make a mini Bug Hotel


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