How To Make a Pterosaur Glider

Download and print the pterosaur glider templates on A4 card to make your own pterosaur glider and see how far it will fly! You’ll need to print a LEFT WING and RIGHT WING template onto card and follow the instructions below.

Pterosaur left and right wing templates pdf 


Left wing template printed on A4 card

Right wing template printed on A4 card

Thin wire (with ends curved round to avoid pointy ends)

TOOLS=Scissors, sticky tape, coloured pens (to decorate your pterosaur glider)


ASSEMBLY= Print out left and right glider wing templates on A4 card, cut out both pieces and fold along the line. Join both pieces at the body section with sticky tape and then curl the wire in the middle (see photo) and attach to card with sticky tape. Shape the wire to make a wing shape and curve in middle (see photo below) experiment with different curved shapes to see how it alters the way it flies. 


How To Make A Pterosaur Glider


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