This walking trail will lead you from St. Matthew's school across Parker's Piece to the Market place in the heart of Cambridge, exploring the important stories along the way including the prehistoric pterosaurs of Coldham's Common, Queen Victoria's Coronation Festival, the Victorian workhouse, the Great Fire of Cambridge Market, and give you insights into how Mill Road got its name, the story of football, and much more!   

ou can see a preview or the trail and route below or download a pdf version HERE 

Michael Rosen has composed poems about Cambridge people and places pinned to the history trail which Historyworks has recorded with some new songs performed by local primary children to entertain you on your journey. The trail lasts approximately 90 minutes. 

Michael Rosen Audio Trail

Audio Trail downloadable in MP3 format available on the web at:

© Historyworks 2017.

This trail & accompanying audio have been devised and produced by Helen Weinstein, to whom all suggestions for revisions should be directed (  

Narration of the trails by Michael Rosen. Michael Rosen is a poet, novelist, broadcaster, famous for his poems like 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', 'Chocolate Cake', and for this project his poems include 'The Fitzwilliam Lions' and 'Coldham's Common'.

Photos from Cambridgeshire Collection, the National Railways Museum and Historyworks.